Saturday, November 27, 2004

26/11/04 8.30pm Posted by Hello
Yoyoyo! I'm back! After a 3-hour concert, my battery is completely flat now. Without this concert, i really didn't know tt i can sing so many of his songs without looking at the lyrics. Hmmm, saw 4 of my friends today... Such a coincidence. Also, i didn't noe the feeling of a fan in a concert until I screamed, yelled, and sang at the top of my lungs hoping him to hear me and of course rush and squeezed myself to the utmost front to scap a few gd shots of him.
Most of the time i'm singing along and fantasizing while he played the piano and the chinese flute. Piano= Light Pink Yamaha Grand. Whoa lao!! I rather be his piano than his fan wahahaha! Hmm, the flute also not bad (Cos closer contact...). He danced pretty well, not as bad as he tot actually and was really cool when he "sparred" with the other dancer with a sword. The only disppointing thing was he & Landy didn't sing Wu Ding. Haiz... But still he sang ALL my fave songs haha! (I think he can read my mind...) and the Crucifix! It was the very 1st thing i saw in the concert.
Erm... Closest distance??? Hyahyahya!!! ONE METRE~ Why? Reason is: Says who someone who bought a $98 tiks will not get a gd view?? With desperation and confidence to SqUeEzE~ You can squeeze all the way to the front. I ended up in the $124 seat. >,< Can't 4get e mmt when he was directly in front of me, almost singing into my face. Kena "gan3" by those ppl there, but who cares??!! In such a concert, nobody cares abt them lah, they shld be happy tt they watch it for free k? Nan2 Quan2 Mama was also there, altogether with Jay, the atmosphere of the concert was promoted to the ultimate level. They showed all their talents and of course none can be compared to the Multi-talented Mr. Chou. The encore song was Qi Li Xiang. Everyone in the stadium was singing together and the feeling was indescribable. I was surrounded by many ppl who like him like i do, i guess this the difference bet being in a concert with many artistes and a solo concert.
Well, a singer like him... What else can you expect in life? Talents, fame, girls, being able to do what you desire most, who cares abt studies? Think abt now, here in Singapore, i'm sure no one will understand these until u see this guy on stage. Probably makes you ponder abit abt yr goals in life, if u had e talents like him, which path will you choose?

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Saturday, November 27, 2004
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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Hey Jay! Posted by Hello

What??? Today is 26th November?? Wahahaha!! Finally man!!! This is the day!! The time now is 12.10am. Still awake thinking abt the one and only one event i have later today in the evening. At where?? huh?? Indoor Stadium?? Zhuo si mi?? kua Zhou Jie Lun lah, ah bo? kua lo kun ah!! whoa piangz....
Hehehe! I've got it all ready. Can say tt i'm loaded with energy n enthusiasim n i'm all ready to lose my voice within hours. Trying to make myself tired enuff to slp now but... kinda tough, i keep thinking of him oh~~12345678, 12345678 ni2 ta2 wo3 ba4... ...Can practically visualise his finger running through those ivory keys, singing, smiling, posing, strumming, playing the cello and of course singing in front of the magificent crucifix specially made for . Hmmm, will try to snap some photos of that part.
Apart from the concert later that spurs me to update my blog, the past 2 weeks of non-stop events also made me so happy that i wanna talk abt abit here. This is my last vacation as a Ngee Ann Biomedical Science student hahaha! Been having...
1 pool session, 3 KTV sessions, 1 performance in sch, been to 1 concert( Ya!! Jay Chou!), watched 4 movies(Taxi, Princess Diary 2, Shutter and Cellular),1 dinner at Seoul Garden, 1 dinner at Sakae Sushi, 1 dinner at Swensens, 1 BBQ(coming this Sunday), 1 house warming, read 1 story book (aiming to read another 2 more), and uncountable coffee sessions at Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Oh ya! Several DVD and VCD sessions too, both with friends and alone. Hahaha! To be more precise, out of the many shows i've rented, 4 of them were Thai shows. Ya i like Thai, including the language and the.... guys....and some gals. Hmmm, that's all i can remember will add on if i happen to recall. But i'm sure that's not the end yet. Or rather i'll not let my vacation end just like that...
In case i don't log in again before sch reopens, i hereby wishes you all the best and enjoy our LAST SEMESTER!!! Hooray!!!! Yeah!!!! Ban Sai!!!! Wan4 Shui4!!!! Yes Babe!!!!! See Ya Later Jay!!

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Thursday, November 25, 2004
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Monday, November 15, 2004

A very long day, woke up early n slping late tonight. Tiring yet enjoyable. Ytd, i went to the Motor show before rushing off for a performance in school. Hahaha!! Shhh, don't tell my club members, cos i'm suppose to reach by 12, knowing tt there's nothing much to do lah, so i "pon" loh!!! It's worth it k? Seeing all the awesome sportscar and the show by Russ Swift, meeting him in person and ask for his autograph and most interesting of all, getting a ride in the Subaru car (not driven by him lah of course!!) The ride was very exciting, i felt as though i was being tossed out of the car by e driver. Cool man!!! Once in a lifetime kinda experience, but all thanks to my friend's friend's lobang lah. My fave car was the SAAB 93 Convertible haha!! will put up the photo next time to show it to all of you...
Today, happening day. Woke up early to eat Dim Sum with my relatives, and joined 24 of my CCA friends at K-box. We occupied 3 rooms, for the first time in my life k... ... I hopped from one room to another, singing from one room to another... I almost went to the wrong room, hahaha!!! i sort of signalled someone in the next room thinking that my friends were in there, then opps!! they all looked at me like i'm an Ah Siao liddat... All my voice are gone... Singing and shouting hahaha!! for the fun and we were dancing on the sofas like nobody's busimess... Really long time time since i last been crazy, sick of being so serious actually, to be exact i wasn't giving the chance to. Being with my CCA friends allows me to be crazy ha! The eccentric side of me. I think it's healthy to let the other side of me out. Being happy is the most impt thing, but still very often i'm bothered by how ppl ard me thinks of me, a gal not being lady-like, still so childish etc etc. But i've come to realise that, there're times for you to get serious n time for enjoyment and play. Y act mature on the outside when you actually have the desire to play? Y restrict myself bcos that's something tt the others are not doing? Can always find those who are doing the same n enjoy myself with them rite? My CCA friends are very impt to me, with them i feel more like a poly student, with them i feel younger, with them i feel free, with them i feel that my life is more fulfilling, and that's where i can find all my long lost laughters. I just feel that i'm myself.
Ok, i've "side-tracked". After the KTV and dinner, there's a part 2. We play pool, opening 4 tables and linger there til 11.45pm. Haiz, v long didn't play pool for that long already, just like i'm back to my sec sch days. My CCA friends are very much like my sec sch friends. Very different from my course mates. Ppl are different.
But i've realised that after these 2 yrs, something in me hasn't changed. That surprised me, not going to disclose what it is that hasn't change, it's something personal. But i'm just surprised, cos the kinda feeling that i've not had for a long time is coming back to me. I feel original n normal.
Seriously i dunno what i've been typing so far, i'm too tired already. Still i wanna at least type something in my blog regarding this happening day, so i "ying4 chou2" myself loh.

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Monday, November 15, 2004
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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sudety Posted by Hello

Hi, i feel that i should update my blog today before i get too busy to come online again. Nothing much of my vacation life has changed since the last time i blogged hmmm, just a couple of things worth commemorating. Went to Changi Airport with my friends the other day with the anxiety to taste my favourtie grilled fish at Hans, but never did i expect that we failed to find out where it is! Seriously i myself nvr knew tt there's any Hans restaurant there... Ha! However, i wasn't disappointed. We ended up enjoying ourselves at Swensen's at Terminal 1. It was a day without worries, in fact that time i prefer to talk less and allow myself to be embraced in the perfect ambience. Much of it was due to the rain, rainy days made me more emotional, that's when i feel the most. I saw a very cool plane there, a Qantas airbus which is a very cute "Qanti". Haha! Those who were there will understand this. Really silly to mention here without you guys knowing what it is... I've tried looking for a pic of it but to no avail. I guess it's fate... (^-^)\/ My MSN is geting quiet these days, it's either i dun feel like chatting to those who are online, or they just haf nothing to kay po to me. Once i was invited to chat with a grp of my friends, i parked there after exchanging those "hi" " helo" yo!" "alo" and what else... "yes", "ya loh", "izzit", "yup" etc etc etc. I had my reasons ok, they can argue abt y didn't another person went to a doc when she's sick tt day, who's in the grp, y it rained all day and lots of other nonsensesssssssssss (That's what Gollum always says). Enuff with the complaints and what i did (blah blah blah...) Just checked out the on the internet, the extended version of Lord of the Rings, Return of The King is out by Dec 14th IN USA. So it's probably coming soon.

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Sunday, November 07, 2004
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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Up side down Posted by Hello

When i looked at the date of my last entry, OMG!! So outdated... Like myself with my CCA. Haven't been back for months, they've moved on pretty fast. I need to make up for all the practices i've missed and start to prepare for my coming concert next Sat. This week is probably an auspicious week for outings, KTV lah, Badminton lah, movies lah, come on., this week is also an auspicious week for my stupid project.
Going to finish my 1st story book this vacation, my preference hasnt changed, i still reading horror. Sometimes role-playing that i'm the murderer(which is only revealed at the end) and the main character, but more as the mysterious murderer. Hey you know, in such stories the murderer has as much brains as the guts to kill his victim. I was reading it last night, i got so engrossed that i felt hypnotised by the words.
Suddenly a small ticking sound from the surrounding struck me hard back to reality, immoblised on my bed for a moment feeling lost even in my own room. My body probably came back b4 my brain which is probably still floating within the book. I felt a little numbness on my fingers and limbs, i'm beginning to feel again, my brain has finally found it's way back to it's skull.
Like hangover, i staggered towards the radio and switch it on, still feeling scared and suspicious of my surrounding. The fear was more intense than watching a horror movie, that shows how powerful and immerse an imaginative mind can get. I'm only an inch away from being a schizophrenic.
Project has brought me here to update my blog, it's also the reason for my leaving. Meeting my project mate at 2pm.
Will update ASAP, no promises.
No special reason for putting up this pic, for entertainment sake.

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Wednesday, November 03, 2004
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