Sunday, January 30, 2005

I've seen something recently in my life.
I saw it in a movie whose the director was me, the actors are real live human beings in this world and the screenwriter is none other the ppl themselves.
The theme is simple, something that everyone has heard of and talked abt. You may be in one of them. Gossips.
Gossiping is usually done on someone whom the gossiper doesn't know much abt and has no authority at all for judging as well. At the same time, trying to pass on the self-opinionated msges to ppl ard him.
Self-opinionated msges were usually inspired from sources like SMS, Emails, photos, newspapers and the now most popular Blogs! (Are they the slaves or the servants??? )
Comments based on unrealistic, unreal and non-living sources are particulary an evil and selfish method to express oneself's uncertainty and displeasure towards the target.
Usually the believers will be motivated by the intriguing opinion of that person which was always self-assured tt they will be kept within closed doors.
With the curiousity to find out more, they will pay extra attention or investigate the evidence given by the gossiper to justify if the opinion is true.
After the verdict is out, the target is condemned as long as his/her is with them.
Sentenced to death.
By Judge Gossiper and
and the Juries: the prejudiced and ignorants.
Are you the victim of the above unjustice or the native listener ever being brain-washed by the judge?
Wake up!!! Be yourself! Who cares what the rest says, you lead yr own life, see the world with yr own eyes!!
-----The Above Movie has been nominated for all the awards in Oscars-------------------

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Sunday, January 30, 2005
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Friday, January 28, 2005

Today! Is! Over!!!!!!
Haha my last common test in NUH is over, it's really worth celebrating but still i didn't really celebrate today...
One of my friend is sick, another friend is stressed up over an assignment, another took part in a dancing competition organised by LIME called Funkamania and guess what he won the top prize! Whoa! Congrats to you! Hmmm, what else, saw 4 ppl from my club today, and they just happen to be there without meeting b4 hand! What a coincidence! Alot of my friends' blog were crashed. I can't see them for the time being.
I'm abit sian now so i'm beginning to crap already...
Thinking of my paper a mmt ago, whoa the d*mn paper hor! What kinda of MCQ are they and those short answer qns... esp those Management qns, i think i'm really not a manager kinda person. I'm a Piscean you know... I only live and rule my own world.

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Friday, January 28, 2005
even me as a born manager also cannot tahan those questions. wahahah! kk dun bang ur head against the wall keke...
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Monday, January 24, 2005

Hey!!! Yo!! I'm kinda happy now, cos it's my last study week this week...
And this Friday is my last Common Test!!!!
I just checked out my calender, there are 10 more wks to grduation!!
Did nothing much today, it's just another day of my life. I guess it's good to lead a normal n monotonous life.
Watched Twins Effects 2 on SCV, wa piangz... ... so lame... luckily i didn't spend $$ to watch it in the cinemas. The only thing tt's worth looking at is Daniel Wu!!! ^-^V!!
Found one blog regarding the Tsunamis, i've read through and I find it quite nice. Maybe you guys wanna check it out.

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Monday, January 24, 2005
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Friday, January 14, 2005

Today is just another day to me, yet it felt so special.
I really dunno why... ... I left the boring place at 4pm with my partner and took the shuttle bus before changing another bus home. Maybe it's all planned...
I met my friend whom i've met for a long time on the bus, we talked abt each other's life and touched abit on other ppl's whom we both know. I've not been seeing them lately and was really eager to find out if they are goin on fine. It always happens, when i asked i'm expecting some gd news and at least one bad news as well. I'm not evil or what, but it just happens. I have the feeling in me... When i asked tt qns, i "knew" tt there will be some not-so-good things to hear abt.
Another friend of mine injured his leg while playing a bb game. Nah, just a fall... ...
I heard tt he needs an operation to recover fully.
I really dunno how he is doing now. I'm not in contact with him anymore but i'm just hoping tt it's not something really really bad. It's abit awkward if i were to SMS to ask him cos this happens long time ago. Ha! Some kinda friend i am...
To maintain a constant friendship with a friend is really tough. I dunno what will happen in future to my relationship to you (the one who's reading this). Maybe we'll meet again, maybe not. Maybe we'll walk past each other & wave maybe not. Maybe we'll get invited to each other's wedding, maybe not. But let's hope for the best. *-*V'
Hehehe... i'm not feeling depressed or whatever, i'll try to talk more crappy and happy stuffs in future k guys?

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Friday, January 14, 2005
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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Many ppl have been into my life and left without a trace, some ppl left an impact in it, but few still remains in it.
I'm grateful and thankful tt in my life i'm able to meet those ppl who is willing to stay in it. I know they are not ppl whom i shld take for granted. Sadly, those ppl will only show up in times when you felt lost and nowhere to run and hide. Sadly also because bad things had to happen to bring out these guys. Which one will you rather choose to have?
1) To haf something bad happened so tt u can see them
2) To haf ppl ard you, and hoping tt bad things nvr happen?
No matter what you choose it's still impt to treasure them as much as you can in any case they are the ones you'll need in time to come. Ppl are not ard you for any specific reasons. They are here cos they are like you, someone who needs care and concern.
I'm glad tt i have some ppl in my life who are like this. Thank you.

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Tuesday, January 11, 2005
I'm always here, ana...
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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Too many problems to solve, i really dunno what to do.
This year has not been kind to me, maybe i should really sit down and stone for the rest of my life to prevent any misfortune to happen. I need to make alot of decisions & plans in order to make my current (or at least e next few mth's) life smoother. Been thinking alot these days, i really dunno how it can help make me feel better but i just wanna sink myself into my thoughts and get lost in them...
I'm just too messed up. I'm going nowhere & i'm definitely sick of it.
I shld persevere, who knows maybe tml all the probs can be settled all of a sudden? I can only wait & try 2B more optimisstic day by day.

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Saturday, January 08, 2005
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Saturday, January 01, 2005

The tragedy of the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunamis, i know i know this is probably a boring topic to blog abt, everyone's probably talking abt this in their blog...
But i still wanna talk abt it.
Saw the news today, didn't expect to hear any gd news. The news showed videos of how those strong tidal waves rises and gushes towards the land, drowning thousands of lives and flooding once relaxing and beautiful resorts, i seriously felt the fear. I almost sat there frozened. "Tsunamis took away lives lah, ppl not found lah," those are what ppl said. "I'm sad lah, so ke lian lah" those are what ppl felt. Those are what those ppl who are sitting in their comfortable chairs said. I felt v depressed act although i nvr talk abt it. No Point. Who isn't sad abt it???
The news reported how the land was supposed to look like b4 the incident, almost 1/2 of the land went undersea aft the tragic incident. Sounds like the sea was hungry...
Now, aft the Earthquake and Tsunamis, ppl now fear for the Waterborne Diseases...
Non-stop terror. Psychiatrists are going to get more jobs in yrs to come... Who knows maybe i'll need one soon? Or we, the future medical technologists will spent our youths in the lab detecting new viruses?
Can YOU just stop taking away lives? How many can satisfy YOU? Are YOU just sick to see humans ard enjoying their lives? YOU are just prob jealous... that's y YOU decided to take it way...
Sorry guys i'm just a little un-me today... Forgive me.

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Saturday, January 01, 2005
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It's my 1st blog of 2005!
Well, just like everyone else i hope tt this will be a better yr for me.
I'm sure this yr will be like the last, when i will expect alot of changes in me and things to happen. One of them will be graduation, i know it's sad but now i can only see the good side of it.
Another will the time when i found my very 1st job with my Diploma in Biomedical Science certificate... How will it be like, stay tune to my blog and u will found out more!
Hmmm, i'm watching Jay Chou's MTV which i bought a few hrs ago. (which meant i bought it last yr) I went to Thai Express and found where my threshold was haha! Seriously, if i could stay on i will definitely finish the second bowl of Tom Yam. I don't care if my lips will swell...
I've been coughing non-stop for the past few days, my New Year's gift... While watching the MTVs, i tried to sing along, well it has always been a pleasure to sing along with "him" though. But, i cough every other phrase... sian... >_<"' How to carry on?
Found a couple of songs from Blade Trinity's OST, hmm guess my taste is changing again. I began to like grunge music! Hahaha!
Wanna thank all the friends who shouted my name and listening to my performance on Wednesday, haha i had a great time with my partner trying to fit in the An Jing. The response from the audiences were kinda expected but i'm still very shocked by it. Haiz, but i know abt my "throw-face" act, which is the page turning part. I'm so heng ah! If i were to play wrongly my partner will skin my alive man!! Luckily i'm alert enuff to flip back... ... Phew! Wat a stupid thing to do... I'm sure it's obvious, go ahead and laugh guys... ... At least it's one thing i've done tt made this performance specially unforgetable to me...
Goodbye 2004, i'll miss you, but not too often.

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Saturday, January 01, 2005
yo yo! aiyo...i wun skin u alive lah! haha...we'll just have a good laugh abt it hee... glad we had fun. =)
--Super Del
Keep up the good work »
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