Thursday, December 29, 2005

Today i'm online, just bcos i feel like blogging.
Ytd, i had a friend who talked to me abt New Year resolutions, she claimed that she hadn't achieved anything for the whole of this yr and didn't manage to do what she had planned to do.
To be frank, I don't remember what was my "New Year resolution" for this yr... I remembered that i had one, but as time goes by i sort of hack care abt it. Cos i'm not someone who lives for one goal in life, but many. Making goals at the beginning or before the New Year arrives is something everyone does, even i do it too. I don't know abt you guys, aft i made my New Year resolutions i'll leave it aside and the next time i ever think abt it again is the end of the year. Ha! I've made so many resolutions since i ever knew abt it, and i achieved none. On contrary, those goals tt i set whenever i feel like it, were accomplished! Tsk that's me... And i'm really not upset abt not accomplishing it, how many ppl is this world actually did???!!! Hee!
My main purpose to be online is to tell this friend of mine, who told me tt she's so sad as she felt tt she hadn't achieved anything this yr, that your life isn't just abt achieving things??!!??!!
It's more of what you've done alright??
Life is short, it doesn't take you to achieve something to make you happy.
I believed tat you've achieved definitely, not physically but it's all in the mind. Yes, you do girl, trust me. Seriously, i feel tt setting a goal in life is just like aiming at a star. You don't have to pluck it from the sky but at the very least you know the direction to look at and from where you are looking at it.
Wish you all the best in the coming New Year. I hope you'll get to read this b4 you start crying k hor!! Hehehehehe!!!!!

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Thursday, December 29, 2005
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Friday, December 23, 2005

Sorry guy for the super long wait. I was very busy and tired that i can't be bothered to move my fingers. Many things happened last month that i can't bear to type em' all out in here, some bad memories are best kept deep beneath my heart.
These happenings are such that i can only learn from it and do nothing abt it. I simply sympatised myself for not being able to manipulate what happened and allow it to go on...
Many ppl told me that bad experiences are lessons tt we human have to learn from, point taken.
I still think that some things, i don't need to go through to learn it! Why must i always learn it the hard way? What difference does it make? Seems like I will only know how it benefits me in time to come.
My mind had undergone a very serious reformation the past few weeks, i've come to realise tt things i used to hold on so dearly to, and those thinkings tt i used to obstinately had were foolish. There are so many other things to look out for, dreams and goals to achieve. In order words, issues that used to bother me big time no longer have its impact on me. People, objects, thoughts and ideas are just temporary. As time goes, these things changed and age but only memories stay young. So no matter what i do, being happy is my priorty.
Okie! Enuff of all these!
Alright, starting from this paragraph i'm typing here is entered at a much later time of the day, it's errrr 12.15am now. And those before this paragraph was what i typed this afternoon. Two entries a day, Bo liao mah!
I just came back, orchard was super crowded man! I enjoyed myself this evening, although it's not a preplanned thingy but, i've always trust impromptu to planned outing. More variations, more options, more freedom.
I'm not sure if i'll blog tml, so hereby wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR???
Anyone care to share their new year resolutions with me? Hahaha! Feel free to tag the dead board hor! It's proudly announced dead and certified by Diana the Super Great.

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Friday, December 23, 2005
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