Monday, July 24, 2006

Confession: I copied and pasted the lyrics of Someday by Nickelback cos I couldn't find anything to talk abt... At the same time, just wanna put it there so tt i can conveniently look at it as and when i feel like it.
Well ah, i'm back to using English again, need to change my style from time to time (Bullshit..)
I've been keeping myself really busy for the past 2 months, working OT, attending my club's concert, settling money matters AND watching the World cup of course which is the highlight of June. Haha! Not really pleased with the finals but it's all over. Yup, I shall look forward to the Euro in 2008 yuppie!
As for now! I'm suffering from muscle aches all over my shoulders... Prob due to wrong posture! Anyone offering insurance that covers for ergonomic injuries?? Huh? 80 yr old muscles trying to work out in a 21 yr old body. Hell man no!
What's on my mind recently? Vacation.
It's ever on my mind since the day i laid my hands once again on my precious collections of travel brochures. Asia, Africa, Europe and even some ulu ulu countries. (Anyway it's free.) I was given 2 mags on Spain, ya solely Spain my fave country of all times. I allowed myself to be mesmerized every morning as i scanned through the photos while savouring every bites of my breakfast.
I'm stuck here right now... Cos i can't remember what else i wanted to talk abt... Typically me.
I'll think abt it and come back. Er, in another few wks time.

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Monday, July 24, 2006
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