Monday, May 01, 2006

Ohmigawd! I took so long to find my spects and now it's already 1.40am... Why do i always have to search all over my hse for my spects... Nvr grow up... Just came back frm a pri sch gathering. Went for dinner at Siam Kitchen and spoilt my healthy lifestyle plan! "_" I considered myself a failure to organise it cos I suggested NYDC w/o realising tt it's not halal... ... So my poor muslim friend turned up asked if it's halal there, I just flashed my silly smile at him. Well, the "best part" was, we've already ordered ourselves a elephancino... ... What a big cup of coffee! We had no choice to gulp all down within minutes, luckily we didn't order our food yet phew! Honestly, i felt sick aft gulping down the coffee, too filling... The buffet dinner at Siam Kitchen had definitely paid off for the embarrassing mmt ! It was indeed a better choice, we ate alot alright! I'm glad tt i still have friends who can eat. Most of my friends can't and i always had no choice but to restrict myself haha! It's the image issue "' "" Lots of catching up ya... Lots of laughsters and laming. Never knew tt i can laugh so much aft all these yrs. There's just certain things in us tt will nvr change over the yrs. One thing i managed to observe through this meet up was, we seemed to feel like 11 or 12yrs old again. We spoke of all the silly jokes, rumours and things we did, cleared up some silly misunderstandings and confessions etc etc etc. Nothing to hide, yes nothing to cover up. Go ahead and be childish cos tt's what we know abt each other and used to be. Unlike now, when friends only get to see the mature side of u & yr childish cum innocent acts will seem irritating and unbearable to them. How i wish i can go back in time & have fun again... I actually didn't want to bring this up, but i really hope he can be with us. It would have been more fun as he's one of the joker in the class. Without him, the class photo will nvr look as complete and the past will be less memorable. Inevitably we often thought if not for him, things would be so different... This puts us in a very dilematic postition, shld he be alive now, we might not have gathered... But I rather have him in this world then to gather. Nothing can be compared to losing a friend this way... Still, why can't I have both? Why? Must things be this way?

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Monday, May 01, 2006
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