Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hey! I'm here today with a very obvious purpose.
To b*tch, ya...
I'm in the kinda b*tchy mood, as usual bcos of the irritating b*tch.
Unlike last time, whenever i thought of or saw her i felt the fear coming from within. Now, i can't seem to wait for a chance to bloody slap her bloody face. Wahaha! Evil smile... I really buay tahan her sickening attitude and the slap-me-black face of hers. My fingers are as itchy as those times when ppl itch to play mahjong, you get what i mean?
Yes, that a**h*le probably think that i'm a sucker for everything, obviously she hasn't seen me flare up before. Don't make me do that, i really "begged" her for that... Come on lah, i'm suppose to uphold a very kind, understanding, "cute", obliging and courteous image alright. I don't wanna lose that image cos of her. But on second thoughts, prob all ppl ard me didn't wanna lose their image too that's why no one dares to go against her. Tsk tsk tsk... Actually look at this prob objectively and logically, to keep your cool only when the person is worth the effort. Not for those d*mn bloody f***ing a**h*le who is not worth that slightlest effort at all. She really needs a thrashing. If i can ever do what i want, i'll slap her left right center, punch her bloody nose, pull her hair, pluck off all her teeth, dig out both her eyes, give her a d*mn big ear hole, some pernament scratches on her face, peel off all her nails, make her kneel on durians, eat loads of wasabi til she dehydrates herself crying and throw her into the sewage and flush her down the pipes and make sure she's out of my sight forever.
Let me say this the last time.

gecko85 obsessed with Jay Chou (>,<) Sunday, April 23, 2006
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